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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  November 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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first at 11:00 there's a storm coming up on the east coast you can see it right here it will impact our weather tomorrow morning good evening everyone thank you for joining us i'm mark ockerbloom. >> i'm vanessa welch. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is tracking when that rain will arrive. kev, there's a chance for some areas to see flooding? >> they're not actually directly related. the rain won't cause the flooding in this instance but they're coming from the same store. there's a correlation in that respect. the earth curves so it shoots higher and higher up off the is face as it goes out. some of this rain is up aloft near the clouds not reaching down to ground level. by morning it will though and shiri will be tracking as it takes over southern new england. this area of low pressure is right back in here. around it the winds are going like this. counterclockwise that means when it gets up here the winds will shift we'll be on this side of it to the northeast. that in conjunction with the higher than normal tides thanks to that supermoon
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residents in one town are concerned after a message from police made them aware that a level three sex offender is working near local schools. >> john monahan is live in sudbury. police had to put this information out there. >> reporter: that's right, legally they have, to mark. once they did parents learned about it and they became very concerned because this man has been convicted on four counts of child rape. >> i know i won't be shopping there and i won't bring my kid there. >> reporter: you have concern. >> yeah. >> reporter: this sudbury mother worried that sean barron a level three sex offender is working in town at bart lts farm stand. she's referring to this facebook post by police. notifying the town that the level three sex offender is working in sudbury. >> concerning. >> reporter: this mother would only speak to fox 25 if we did not show her face. the sudbury police chief tells us they are required
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offender lives or works in the area. we tried speaking with the manager at bartlets but she would not talk on camera and then she asked to us get off the property. however, not everyone we spoke with is up in arms. this father says people, even sex offenders, should be able to redeem themselves. >> there's always a concern that everybody needs a second chance. >> he says he would be concerned about bringing his children close to where barron works told fox 25 she simply won't go. >> i know i won't be shopping there. >> reporter: fox 25 has also learned that barron used to work with the woman at bartlets at a nearby farm in concord that's how he got the job here. we're live in sudbury tonight, john monahan, fox 25 news. several people waking up to a disturbing discovery in milford the k.k.k. newspaper had shown up outside the door. >> christine mccarthy reports from milford this
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>> reporter: i did speak with the milford police chief he tells me that a letter was delivered here at the police department and a return address of arkansas. inside that letter was a newspaper from the k.k.k. if you can call it a newspaper. he says he isn't sure why he received it but he got it about a month ago and this has been happening over the past few weeks in the town of milford. the latest delivery just over the week. now take a look at our video. this is the k.k.k. newspaper that has several homes on a few streets. it's called the crusader. the premier voice of the white resistance. now police believe there's a group likely from out of state arriving in neighborhoods off main roads speeding by in a car late at night delivering the white supremacist paper printed in arkansas. a paper was even mailed personally to milford police chief a few weeks ago and he promptly threw it out. but he does tell us that his detectives did investigate
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group is being targeted and he says they are not. these were randomly thrown to houses and it is offensive but also is protective speech. >> a number of people obviously called. you find something like that in your driveway as you you're taking your children to school and it's going to cause concern and reasonably so. on a personal level it's pretty offensive on a professional level it's protected by the constitution. it's something we took a good close look at. at this stage we're comfortable that there is no violation of the criminal laws. >> reporter: the suspect tells me he does not believe there's one local group that is disseminating this message of hate. again he thinks it's coming from out of state. dy ask him if this has anything to do with the election and reports from minority groups saying that they're being harassed and intim dissipated threats being made against them. he does say that he's just not sure but he also tells me that in his decades of experience as a police
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unfortunately happening in other cities and towns. in milford, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. residents on a small trade in natick are showing support for their neighbor who received threatening and racist letters at his home. police say andrew came into the station on friday with this handwritten letter. it calls him a loser and tells him to clear his house of nvgs words. he claims he was received the second letter saying natick has zero tallerans police say they're working to solve a hate crime. >> it's not behavior that is indicative of the town of natick or the police department or of any of the residents it and won't be tolerated. >> fox 25 has learned the select board is discussing the incident a unity vigil is also being planned tomorrow at noon. it is a first for the massachusetts attorney general's office. the attorney general mora healy has created a hot line to report what she calls bias-motivated threats,
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incidents both locally and nationwide since last week's election. emotions are running high in the wake of the results. >> this need to know that there are -- in the state of massachusetts that protect them. >> visit our website for more. president-elect donald trump and vladimir putin agreed to improve relations between the two countries. to congratulate him. their aides are now working up on setting a fate to face meeting. mike pence will meet with trump tomorrow. pence is part of the transition team. only two positions have been filled reince priebus as chief of staff and steve bannon as chief strategist. campaign manager kelly an conway who is being considered as the white
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>> he has a harvard business degree, a naval officer, and he certainly [inaudible]. >> several members of trump's inner campaign circle are rumored to become part of his inner circle. president obama said he still has a lot to do. >> president obama: my goal is on january is in a stronger position possible and hopefully there's an opportunity for the next president to build on that. >> president obama left today for his last foreign trip as commander in chief. during the next week he will make stops in germany, peru and greece. gronk was just feet away from making what would have been a potentially game tying score against the seahawks last night. and number 87 was playing with paunktured lung. fox 25 sports director tom leyden is here.
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case now. >> just came out you got to follow the story as it evolves. really incredible when you hear what's being reported. gronk according to nfl network punctured his lung in the second quarter. adam said not a punctured lung just an injured chest. he did play the rest of the game. an incredible threshle hold for pain after the hardest hit he has ever taken on the football field that's how gronk described the shot. it was just body on body. this feeling like car accidents. these guys get up and just keep playing. gronk will miss this week's game against san francisco after that day to day. return possible against the jets on sunday. ahead in sports we'll hear from some of gronk's teammates. their reaction tonight when i told them about the injury and how gronk fought through it. tom leyden, fox 25 news. tom, thank you. at lawrence elementary
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morning will remain closed tomorrow. the fire blew out some windows and students were forced to finish out their day in another building but thankfully no one was hurt. tone there's still many unanswered questions after two bodies were found inside a home. the deadly discovery happened on atherton street on sunday during a well-being check. fox 25's malini basu live for us. neighbors understandably concerned tonight? >> reporter: they really r vanessa. we're here at the police department neighbors we spoke to they are demanding answers and telling us that this is so unusual how does a father and son end up dead at the same time? >> hush, hush we haven't heard anything yet. >> reporter: dawn margot lives right across the street where the two bodies were found. late sunday afternoon police were called to 5 atherton street. >> what i saw was a lot of police cars show up and undercover detectives. >> reporter: inside of the
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man were found dead was investigators ruled out carbon monoxide poisoning they find any evidence that led to foul place. >> we want answers. >> reporter: police were called to the house to do a "well-being check" after the 50-year-old man didn't show up to work at the liquor store. >> he's a good man. >> reporter: jason nordstrom works with him. >> and said he couldn't get a hold of him. i tried everything i could to get a hold of him. i can't imagine. >> reporter: neighbors of nordstrom say the two moved in a few weeks ago. >> i helped him move in because they said they needed help. he became a friend of mine from, woulding here. >> we all have children in the neighborhood so it's a weird situation. >> i do feel it's suspicious that two people at the same
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tonight the district attorney's office says this is not suspicious. tonight we do have the names of the victims but we are not releasing them because it's unclear if relatives have been notified. a friend also tells us father and son moved from the waltham area. malini basu, fox 25 news. former shirley police sergeant is fighting to get her job back. they was fired last week. her attorney claims sergeant cromwell was discriminated against because a lesbian. fox 25 spoke to shirley's police chief today. he told us she committed a series of infractions including the failure to report a case of possible child endangerment. >> i do have some concerns obviously about the way she conducted police work and the way she did her job. that's the reason sergeant cromwell no longer works here. being the target of retaliatory and discriminatory conduct. >> cromwell has filed
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30s the ocean storm that's coming up the coast tonight it will from you some heavy rain here and the potential for some flooding. where that's likely to happen just ahead. plus, a local mayor accused of using taxpayer dollars to take a college class. he's also accused of spending taxpayer money to create a granite structure outside of city wall. next at 11:00 what happened when we tried to get some answer. >> but first not so fast. that's the warning from one
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>> one massachusetts town has a message for anyone who wants to open up a pot shop not so fast. >> fox 25's ted daniel reports from ashland tonight where town leaders are pushing back after the state legalized marijuana for recreational use. >> but our current marijuana laws need changing. >> reporter: it's just what the doctor ordered. >> it's time to vote yes on 4. >> reporter: doctor. and in just weeks people 21 and older can legally store up to 10 ounces of marijuana at home, and carry up to an ounce with them another big part of the successful initiative is the retail sale of marijuana in massachusetts. pot shops can open as soon as 2018 and that has one the metro west town taking action. at the upcoming town meeting in ashland, residents will consider a temporary moratorium on marijuana establishments.
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21 st november. >> reporter: michael hubert says the proposed moratorium is designed to give the town more time to tid and plan for what could be inevitable. >> you can't just ban it. but it does give you the ability to regulate it to the extent that it's for the best of the community. >> reporter: the requires two-thirds of the town meeting vote. >> i completely agree with that. >> you know if the town has moratorium people want to get their marijuana somewhere else they're going to g adjoining town. >> reporter: by phone, yes on 4 communications director questions the legality of a moratorium adding this. >> we would like to see town leaders take a measured approach to this and not give in to the hysteria and the alarmism that we saw during the campaign. >> reporter: the majority of people in ashland did vote yes on question 4 last week. but it was close a difference of about 350 votes.
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ted daniel, fox 25 news. brockton's mayor accused of using taxpayer money on a language class for himself and an expensive piece of granite no one can find. the city council had hoped he would show up at a meeting but he never showed. over $9,000 spent and the city council wanted answers. the mayor is accused of spending more than $500 on a language class and more than $iated,000 on granite that was ordered for the rehabilitation of city hall. city leaderssa order was the wrong color it so had to be reordered and repaid but that first batch is nowhere to be found. >> who signed for the granite where was it stored why is it so hard to liquidity. where is it? who knows what about the gran it. >> this is not the first time the mayor has been criticized in june of last year his license was suspended for failure to pay state taxes. the finance committee
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college course and the granite is scheduled for next monday at 7:00 p.m. a tomorrow is moving towards us and the clouds have arrived. no reports of any rain reaching the ground here. the rain is just offshore it's moving northward with this storm center that's coming up the coast as it gets here winds will shift to northeast ahead of it as it passes by. that means we'll have some problems from the ocean. first of all, wake up forecast cloudy skies averaging 41 the when you first get up but will be taking over the area and meteorologist shiri spear will track this right through to boston by 10:00 a.m. during the morning drive. that's not the worst of the two morning drives the way it looks to me right now. heaviest along and to the west of the storm. the evening drive some heavy rain coming on through. then off to the north and finally some drying out starting late tomorrow night. winds will go from the
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northeast later in the morning midday. then pick up in intensity as the storm comes on by. gusts over 20 miles per hour perhaps even over 30 and 40 miles per hour at the height of the tomorrow. that's going to push some of those waters right up against the coastline and produce a little bit of coastal flooding in conjunction with the already astronomically high tides produced by that supermoon we've talked a lot about over the last few days. a coastal flood warning but here is a coastal flood advisory in new hampshire and maine it will definitely happen. over through portions of quincy out through dorchester and morsi boulvard over to jerusalem road and cohasset and providence town and nantucket as well seeing some of that. as far as rainfall, it will continue through the evening up to half inch in boston and eventually nearly an inch. again the heaviest to the west of the track through western and central
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forecast estimates we'll track it tomorrow and i keep up-to-date on what's falling out there. some of the heaviest rain pushes on by tomorrow. certainly was last week a storm center that would come in off the ocean and back up at us. this why six to seven days away. that's precipitation that blue line that's freezing. of course that add together would add up to some snow. shiri starts >> thank you, kevin. not often i can say this tonight i talked to bob
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you are. that's banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? brady throwing and gronkowski gets popped. boy he took a shot. >> at effort if i thought concussion then shortly there after i figured outside probably not a concussion but something big happened that was a major collision. >> it was a big one. >> just reminds you how hard these guys hit. it's the hardest hit rob gronkowski has ever taken on the football field that's what he said last night. gronkowski trucked by earl thomas.
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saying a punctured lung so somebody doesn't have the story right. here way gronk played through it which is nuts. >> we have injuries to deal with rehab is hard i think he deserves taking care of his body and being ready to go. >> the game against the jets on november 27th that was moved from the sunday night be football slot to 4:25. the jets are prime time. sell tickets and pelicans tonight in new orleans. celtics take the lead. isiah thomas here tig it at 105 apiece. he finished with 37. came down to the bitter they end is going to really make you feel bad. kelly new orleans made one of them. celts with one final shot tenth of a second left off the rim you got to tip it. marcus smart gets off the shot but not in time. game over the pelicans win
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it really was a very special night at the house of blues. the second annual globey awards awards celebrating all that is good about sports in new england. superstars from every generation gathered to end at the house of blues. the wards dolled -- the awards doled out. kraft, and louie all in the house of blues. >> last year was goodive. >> been fortunate in my lifetime i've won a few of these awards but always for beating up on people. >> great to hear from him tonight. best story mike who you see here captain of the 1980 u.s. olympic hockey team he had dinner tonight at the four seasons with al michaels who called the game. how great is. that do you believe in miracles? yes.
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me this afternoon and told me he was in town because he did the pats game last night he has to go to thursday night football he said let's have some dinner or drinks. i said al i got this show tonight that i promised i was going to go to. if you called me a week ago i would have cancelled the show so we snuck over early my wife and i had a great dinner with al i haven't seen him in a couple years. we reminisced about everything from the pats game last night to lake placid. it was really cool. >> and the beauty doing tv. it's all on my facebook. tom leyden fox 25. i'll tell you what they talked about. >> that's a good tease. >> those two linked forever. what a great moment in life. fantastic. >> i love that. i will give you the seven-day forecast but boy, come on and with al michaels. some rain tomorrow some winds, too maybe some coastal flooding something
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: george lopez, he is livid, vulgar and upset about donald trump. >> i will give him a chance to [bleep] my [bleep]. >> he's very upset. he looks like half the country this week. >> i will stop eating chee-tos. anything orange i don't want. >> conor mcgregor, he destroyed at ufc 205. two belt sizes at the same time. his after party looks so much fun. >> you know who's going to have a kid soon? conor mcgregor. >> the best part is, he doesn't know what the baby is due. >> march, is it? i think march. >> you hear somebody from the back yell, she's do in may. he's like really? >> lil wayne is now pledging his allegiance to a completely different mobile. out with birdman. in with jay-z.


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